Our Approach

We believe in creating an English atmosphere that allows everyone to develop their language skills. Remember: “Use Your English!”

Our Story

In 2015, we opened our doors, helping those who wanted to improve their English skills. We tailored our meetings to the students levels, using different materials to best reach our clients’ needs. From pronunciation exercises to advanced writing structures, our team has worked hard to build a supportive atmosphere and fun environment.

Schedule a Level Test

Please talk with our course consultants to schedule a free assessment. The free 30 minute assessment includes:

  • A 10-15 minute conversation with an American language consultant (currently over video chat)
  • Writing test (10 minutes)
  • Reading test (10 minutes)

Get In Touch With Us

WeChat 微信:13521788963

Hong Kong Landline 香港座机:+852 3588 1716

Beijing Landline 北京座机:+86 010 8252 3357