At USA English, we offer a number of plans to best suit your needs. Review our options, and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

Have your work reviewed

COST | 1500 Yuan / 225 USD per Phunics Level

We will help you find an appropriate Phunics level. As you read each book, you will submit a recording that our team will review. Those reviews are then used to compile a data report that will guide your progress in the right direction.
Each book also has:
– a pronunciation video and chart;
– pronunciation-focused pages;
– a comprehension quiz;
– audio.
Once the level is completed, you will also receive comprehensive reports that will guide your progress in the next level!

Join a traditional plan

COST | 195 Yuan / Hour (Includes a free level test and free trial session)

Reading & Speaking | These courses focus on improving reading comprehension, vocabulary, reading and speaking fluency, and pronounciation through reading and discussing texts American students study.
Writing | These courses focus on improving grammar, sentence clarity, organization, and theme in fiction and non-fiction writing. 
Phonics | These courses focus on pronunciation, phonics rules, and reading fluency.
Speaking | These courses focus on public speaking, including speech organization, speech aids, voice projection, eye-contact, and pronunciation.