Learning Competitions

To encourage more reading at home, we created a competition to get kids reading! More importantly, it gets them reading aloud, sounding out words as they go. For each book they read, they get points. May the most prolific reader win!

Learn to Give Back

It’s never to early to learn to give back. So we selected three charities children could choose to donate their USA English Dollars to. For every donation they made, USA English matches it in real currency. The charities include: Sea Shepard; Animal Equality; Save the Elephants.

Our In-House Library

We want everyone to be able to read more. So over the years, we have amassed our own lending library, open to those who sign up. When the child reads a set number of books, they can win a prize! Each shelf has books suitable for different levels, so everyone can find something to read.

Hot Off The Presses

At the end of each month, we collect photos and pieces of writing that showcase all our hard work. With a little time and creativity, we then publish a monthly newsletter! If you look close, you may find yourself inside!

Camp Adventures

Every winter and summer, we aim to craft an experience that brings English to real-life experiences. We explore different parts of the city while learning new vocabulary!