“Collection of Illustrated Chinese Myths”

In the first five stories of a 25-book collection, we retell Chinese myths alongside vibrant original artwork. These books were written for children, in hopes of sharing a piece of fascinating Chinese culture to young readers around the world.

Volumes 1-5 are now available on Amazon.

In a collaboration with long-time educators in both China and in the U.S., these storybooks are designed to share Chinese culture with the English speaking world.

Link to Amazon PageVolume 1: The Beginning

The earth is formed, and newly created people strive to survive in their new world amidst help and mischeif from gods and goddesses. The volume’s five stories include: “Pangu Forms the Land and Sky,” “Nuwa Prepares People,” “Gonggong Strikes Buzhou Mountain,” “Nuwa Patches the Sky with Swirls,” and “Kuafu Chases the Sun.”

Volume 2: Discovery

Epic clan leaders overcome challenges to discover new lands, medicine, inventions, cloth, and music. The volume’s five stories include: Loyal Fuxi, Shennong Feeds and Heals, Huangdi’s Cart, Leizu Spins Silk, and Scholar Ling Makes Music.

Volume 3: Civilization

Early Chinese tribes form a civilizaiton to confront threats by mustering armies, and developing writing, laws, and governance while reaffirming commitment to family. The volume’s five stories include: “Chiyou Raids Huangdi,” “Scholar Cang Creates Writing,” “Bird Nation,” “Chenxiang’s Vow,” and “A Princess’ Tale.”

Volume 4: Yao Shun Yu

Historic leaders Yao, Shun, and Yu enlist heros and gods to unify China into a single, peaceful nation. The volume’s five stories include: “Houyi Shoots the Sun Crows,” “Good Mother Xiwangmu,” “Chang’e Shoots to the Moon,” “Shun’s Missions,“ and “Yu Thrusts Back the Floods.”

Volume 5: Sea Dragons

The greedy East Sea Dragon King and his family deploy military, magic, and guile in their insatiable quest for territory, gold, and power. The volume’s five stories include: “The Sea King Invades,” “Nezha Bothers the Sea King,” “Eight Gods’ Paths Across the Sea,” “Gold, Gems, and Dragons,” and “The Prince and Beijing’s Water.”

About Our Team

Retelling Author – Toby Johnson

Toby Johnson has lived in Beijing, China for the past 10 years, where he currently serves as Education Director of USA English. As a student and teacher of languages, he values the role stories play in enhancing student attention and retention. With a Classical Studies minor from Depauw University, Toby has always loved classical cultures and mythology.

In addition to retelling these 25 myths, Toby is author of the Animal Pals series, a collection of 25 decodable readers for USA English‘s Phunics – Fun Phonics decodable reader program.

Editor – Marie Furnary

Marie Furnary founded The North Fork School in McCall, Idaho in 1996, where author Toby Johnson took English and history classes from grades 6-12. The school’s dual-enrollment, private, academically challenging, college-preparatory humanities  classes supplant coursework at  local public schools, which retain all government funding.​​

Marie was the Boise Alternative Education Examiner for Examiner.com, and has been a full member of The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators for more than twenty years. She has been a freelance writer for National Geographic WORLD Magazine, and has sold articles to various other publications.

Research Consultant – Junzhe Gao

Junzhe Gao researched and discussed Chinese myths in weekly meetings over several years with Toby Johnson to retell them in English. Through analyzing Chinese language print books, academic papers, and online sources, Junzhe advised on the accuracy, timeline, and cultural background of the different versions of these selected myths to distill five coherent volumes. Elegantly navigating the line between myth and history, Junzhe helped retain the original cultural flavor of these stories.

Junzhe has a Master of Arts from Renmin University of China, and a Bachelor of Science in Education Technology from Beijing Normal University.

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