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To help our clients improve their pronunciation skills, our team, alongside talented writers and artists, created Phunics. This book series zeroes in on key pronunciation skills that any English learner will want to master. Each level has its own sets of characters that you’ll come to love.

About Phunics is a professional reading website independently developed and launched by USA English to help international students correct English pronunciation and improve vocabulary. Students can read, follow-up, test, record, and upload audio on Professional American consultants will find and correct common problems in student pronunciation based on the audio, so that students will gradually speak a standard, authentic American English. Learn more here. 是语思美团队自主开发、并推出的一个帮助国际学生纠正英文发音并提高词汇量的专业阅读网站。学生们能够在 网站阅读、跟读、测试、录音并上传音频,专业的美国顾问会根据音频找出并纠正学生发音中的常见问题,使学生逐步说出一口标准、地道的美国英语。

At present, there are four levels in the Phunics series:

  • The first level, “Life’s Lessons,” contains 26 stories, and focuses on the pronunciation of the 26 letters. The reader level index and article difficulty index are between 100L-300L.
  • The second level, “Animal Pals,” contains 25 stories. It includes short-vowel review, mixed consonants, and compound consonants. The reader level index and article difficulty index are between 300L-400L.
  • The third level, “Zodiac,” contains 25 stories. Int works on complex natural spelling rules such as long vowels, consonant letter combinations, error-prone compound consonants and letter combinations, etc. The reader level index and article difficulty index are between 400L-500L.
  • The fourth level “Chinese Myths” contains 25 stories about the following sounds: or / er / ir / ur / air / Long I / ch / ou / ow / oi / oy / ar / N-ending / Long E / U Sound / Long A / AU / Short O / ion / tion / L-Ending / Long O / short oo / long oo / sh / error-prone mixed consonants / V / soft th / hard th / soft c / soft g, The reader level index and the article difficulty index are between 500L-600L.

(For data, refer to the Lexile International Graded Reading System.)

目前 Phunics 系列共有四个级别:

  • 第一级别《生命之课》包含26个故事,内容涉及26个字母发音,读者水平指数和文章难易指数在100L-300L之间。
  • 第二级别《动物朋友》包含25个故事,内容涉及短元音复习、混合辅音以及复合辅音的学习,读者水平指数和文章难易指数在300L-400L之间。
  • 第三级别《黄道神游》包含25个故事,内容涉及复杂的自然拼读规则比如长元音、辅音字母组合、容易出错的复合辅音和字母组合等,读者水平指数和文章难易指数在400L-500L之间。
  • 第四级别《中国经典神话》包含25个故事,内容涉及or/er/ir/ur/air/Long I/ch/ou/ow/oi/oy/ar/N-ending/Long E/U Sound/Long A/AU/Short O/ion/tion/L-Ending/Long O/short oo/long oo/sh/ 容易出错的混合辅音/V/soft th/hard th/soft c/soft g 等发音知识,读者水平指数和文章难易指数在500L-600L之间。


We have online book sales for all levels listed above, and we provide online and offline course tutoring by professional American consultants. We encourage more students from non-native English speaking countries to use our site to learn and correct English pronunciation. We hope more international students will speak fluent and authentic American English!


Book Prices

Any Phunics Volume: USD 9.99 / CNY 69.99 + shipping/handling

For a hardcopy of the Chinese Myths: 19.99 per hardcopy volume + shipping/handling

Phunics 拼读故事系列售价:每册9.99 美元/ 69.99 人民币(运费单计)

第四级别《中国神话故事》在亚马逊网站售价每册19.99 美元(包括运费)

*All books are available for pre-order. 以上所有书籍接受预订。

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